Redmond Agriculture

- Better feed conversion
- Increase milk during lactation
- Decrease in ammonia
- Stronger legs and hoof
- Better breeding
- Pits not as crusty
- Large reduction in culls
- Improved loin and carcass

added to feed or water to ease transitions. Contains a source of beneficial bacteria, as well as prebiotics to help them grow. Contains a pure and consistent source of essential oil. Helps maintain optimal gut health during times of transition or stress such as weaning, weather changes or travel



Uniform Full-Value Pigs
Promote Baby Pig Performance with the Best Baby Pig Milk Replacer
Promote gain
Promote gut health
Better use of sows and facilities
Non-animal protein formulations available

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Promote immunity with vitamins D and E when Wean-Ed™ is added to drinking water. Support appetite, ease transitions and avoid challenges from off-feed events.

Wean ED