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All natural trace mineral salt. Includes over 60 naturally occuring minerals. The perfect balance to nourish your Cows, Sheep or Bison.

Conditioner is a world class foundation to your mineral program. It adds many nural minerals and other benefits to your ration. Feed efficiency, ammonia control to name a few


added to feed or water to ease transitions. Contains a source of beneficial bacteria, as well as prebiotics to help them grow. Contains a pure and consistent source of essential oil. Helps maintain optimal gut health during times of transition or stress such as weaning, weather changes or travel

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Promote Flow with this Anti-Caking Agent for Use in Animal Feed
Enhance flow
Decrease clogging and bridging
Eliminate lumps
Cost effective

Essential Calf

Get Ahead. Stay Ahead.
Provide a strong foundation for lifelong productivity with this easy-to-use milk additive. Promote immunity, stimulate appetite and keep calves drinking for a superior transition to a grain diet.

Solumin Cobalt 100

Promote Ruminant Performance with this Supplement
Promotes gain
Enhance weaning weights
Enhance cow performance
Enhanced rebreeding

Stimulates Rumen Microbes
Highly soluble
Highly available
Enhanced fiber digestibility
Promotes energy

Feed Ingredients for cattle pigs poultry